X8 Energy Gum: A Chewable Caffeine Boost


Training for a long distance race can be daunting; between finding the time for long runs and researching products to support a highly athletic endeavor, the whole process is overwhelming. Lucky for endurance athletes today, there are a plethora of products on the market.

Being a coffee addict, I am completely reliant on my morning cup of Joe to motivate me for the run ahead. The unhappy result is that I nearly always have to stop the treadmill for a bathroom break or find a bush to hide in. No snickering, we’ve all done it!

Rather than continue this unwelcome practice of stopping mid-workout to relieve my bladder, I decided to take matters into my own hands and began researching alternative fuel sources that will allow me to increase my mileage without an unnecessary break.

The product that has risen to the top of my caffeinated list is X8 Energy Gum, a convenient, easily accessible alternative to a caffeinated beverage. X8 Energy Gum is a Colorado-based company with a patented formula designed to provide and sustain your body’s energy levels.

“The formulation is a proprietary blend that delivers a formula B complex, amino acids and a bit of caffeine,” says Robert DiMarco, CEO of X8 Energy Gum. “This multilayered gum has a special base which allows delivery of an accurate dose of ingredients to the human body.”

Users are advised to chew the gum a few minutes prior to beginning a workout. The caffeine delivers a boost of energy initially, which is sustained by the Vitamin B complex throughout the workout. The amino acids within the gum base assist with recovery and remove lactic acid build up.

“The gum was originally designed as a pharmecutical delivery system, but we licensed the technology for non-pharmeceutical use,” DiMarco explains. “The formula allows for delivery of the substance through the bloodstream so you do not need to worry about the time it takes to digest the product. It is fully in your body within five minutes of chewing the gum.”

With no complex sugars, there is no insulin spike, thereby resulting in no sugar crash following intake. “Athletes will not experience jitters from this gum,” notes Maruchy Lachance, COO of X8 Energy Gum and distance runner. “You can expect a sustained energy boost, rather than an initial jittery, over-caffeinated rush.”

Another bonus of utilizing X8 Energy Gum in longer training runs or races is its convenience; “You don’t need to wait to get your energy boost at the water station,” Lachance points out. “X8 Energy Gum gives you the energy you need in a healthy way.”

I sampled the gum on one of my longer training runs and found it to be extremely convenient, fitting in the zipper pocket of my shorts. I also did not experience jitters, nor did I find myself needing to relieve myself halfway through my run. The only downside I experienced with the gum was the taste – due to the proprietary blend of super vitamins and amino acids, the taste is not great.

I asked a fellow fitness colleague for his opinion and he had a similar experience. “I tried the gum during a four-miler on the treadmill. Popped in two pieces and the initial taste was really strong, almost abrasive,” explains Stephen, Group Fitness Instructor. “Once it broke down into a gum it was fine. I chewed it for my entire run and felt good, although I didn’t notice any surge of energy.”

DiMarco is aware that athletes do not love the taste and the company is preparing to launch a new flavor profile of natural peppermint and vanilla.

X8 Energy Gum will be entering retail stores soon and is currently available online.


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