Why You Need a Professional Bike Fit

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You are not alone if your last professional bike-fit was several years ago. Time flies, and we normally go on with our life and assume everything is status quo. However, if you haven’t been measured in a while, you may not be the type of rider you once knew yourself as.

Getting a professional bike fit may sound like a high expense, but it really isn’t. A decent bike fit is an important investment.  It can not only increase your comfort on the bike, but also make you stronger and faster – without ever taking a ride. If your bike doesn’t fit properly, you are increasing your chance of saddle sores, sacrificing your speed, and frankly just not having as much fun as you could be having.

A professional bike fit takes several hours to complete. It starts with a discussion about your goals, then you and your body will be fitted to your bike.  Your strength and flexibility will also be assessed.

Anyone you spends a great deal of time riding a bike will greatly benefit from a professional bike bit. Here are the benefits:

  • Comfort: Your individual comfort will be better because a bike fitter takes into account your muscles and joints and gets them into a comfortable position.
  • Prevent Injuries: Your bike has to support you well like a good chair. A neutral position will minimize muscle and joint stress, preventing injuries.
  • Better Technique: A professional bike fit will also coach you and teach you the best riding techniques and help you learn how your bike and body interact together.
  • Best Equipment: A proper bike fitting will help you find the best equipment for your needs and body type.
  • Improved Performance: You will ride faster and have better endurance when your bike puts you in the correct position.
  • Enjoyment: No matter what type of rider you are, a bike fitting will be one of the best places to start increasing your cycling enjoyment.

A bike fit isn’t just about your height, weight and body. It’s also about:

  • Body Irregularities: A bike fitter will try to make you as functionally symmetrical as possible
  • Saddles: The right saddle will only be right when your fit is right.
  • Core Strength: Your core strength will resist gravity and allow you to maintain the same position on a bike for hours.
  • Feet: You actually want some mild discomfort from your arch when standing in your cycling shoes so that the pain makes your muscles fire more efficiently.

Not all bike fittings are the same. It depends on whether you’re a hard and fast rider; long rider, short rider or casual rider.  Make sure your bike fitter knows what kind of rider you are.

When should you get your bike fit?

You should get your professional bike fitting as soon as possible. Riding a bike is supposed to be fun.  If it’s uncomfortable then it’s definitely time for a bike fitting.  If you haven’t had a fitting in a year or two and have been riding a lot more, it might be time for another fitting.  Same goes for if you used to ride a lot, took a long break, and are now back to riding, you probably need another fit.Depending on if you are racing and when you are racing, make sure you give your body time to adjust to the changes made in your positioning on the bike.

If you get a new bike, you should plan on getting a professional fitting done before you start riding. Your bike should fit you and your needs.  You should not have to adjust to your bike.

Your ultimate goal is for the bike to basically feel like it disappears underneath you. We can’t guarantee you won’t be sore after a long ride, but we can guarantee you won’t be in any pain after getting a professional bike fit. If you’d like to know more, or need help finding a professional bike fitter, contact us.

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