Why Triathletes Should Join a Masters Swim Team


Don’t let the name fool you; all the members of a Masters swim team are not “masters” at the sport, they are simply just over the age of 18.

But just because you’re swimming as part of your triathlon, should you be joining such a team? The team will benefit you as much as you let it. Some triathletes join to compete in Masters swim meets and others join Masters programs just to swim.

If you’re unsure on whether you should join a Masters program or continue training on your own, consider the benefits of the Masters swim team:

Having a coach watch over you while you swim will do wonders for your swimming segment of your triathlon.  Swimming is hard to perfect on your own.  It’s difficult to know where your flaws in your technique are without someone watching you swim from outside the pool. Most Masters programs have a coach on deck to help you improve in the water.

A Structured Program
While you may just swim when you’re by yourself, when swimming with the Masters swim team, you will have a structured program at each practice.  The programs will help you build endurance and speed and are just intense enough to push you outside your comfort zone – something that you probably wouldn’t do on your own.

Not only are their practices structured, but they are consistent as well.  Same day, same time; which helps establish consistency in your training and makes it easy to plan your life around them.

Nothing gets you better at a sport than a partner – or two.  A Masters swim team would have several – usually you’re sharing lanes during a Masters workout with swimmers who are similar in ability to you. This keeps you motivated to keep up with their pace and intensity level during the hour-plus workout.

Many people thing swimming is a solo sport.  It doesn’t have to be. By joining a Masters swim team you can get your swimming workout in and make some friends along the way.

Each Masters swim team has a variety of swimmers. Being exposed to a different range of swimming partners helps you improve your own skill level.

Joining a Masters swim team will be one of the best decisions you make for yourself, both physically and personally. If you’re ready to join my Masters swim team, or want more information, contact me today.


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