Wendy Jaehn & Matthew Lavine

Wendy Jaehn
 2011 June Wendy Jaehn

In her first attempt at running the marathon distance, Wendy Jaehn placed a remarkable third place at the 2011 Wisconsin Marathon earning podium honors and raising eyebrows from Kenosha to Chicago.

Coming from a shorter distance collegiate background, her marathon success may come as a surprise, but she’s hardly an unknown. Jaehn’s Chicago introduction occurred months earlier when she was named as the new president of the Chicago Area Runners Association. Her relative marathon victory simply adds to her already impressive resume. 

 “I’d been with CARA for six months and I hadn’t run a marathon. I wanted to race in one to experience CARA’s marathon training program and most of our members have raced in a marathon. It was my goal to do it, so I hopped into our winter marathon program.”

Now that she’s conquered the marathon distance and even grabbed bronze in her attempt, here’s to hoping she gives it another go.


Matthew Lavine
 2011 June Matthew Lavine

A runner who appreciates longer distances, Matthew Lavine of Crystal Lake, Ill. is an experienced ultra marathoner and highly acclaimed marathoner with a laundry list of top ten finishes across the country. His most recent finish, a 2:47:07 second place finish at the Wisconsin Marathon should be taken with a grain of salt. You see, it was actually his second marathon of three in a four-week period and the second in consecutive weekends. One wonders what his time would have looked like if he decided to rest. 

“By the time I got to the end [of the Wisconsin Marathon] I was more tired than anything else. I know that’s an entirely cliché thing to say, but it’s true. The feeling I had crossing the finish line more than anything was relief.”

Despite his crazed marathon schedule (or, more likely, because of it) Lavine is quick to recommend that marathoners, especially newbies, value their rest as much as their mileage. “Take your training seriously, but take your rest seriously too. It’s an essential element of your training.”