Tuesday Reviews-Day: Men’s Outdoor Research Centrifuge Hoody


Back in November, Holly handed me a box with the Outdoor Research Centrifuge Hoody inside and asked me to review it. When I pulled it out, my first reaction was “this is almost too nice to run in.” After some careful couple days of thinking, I had decided that it was still a little too nice to run in and it was going to become an everyday, walking around jacket. (The fact that it fit great and looked good on me helped in the decision making process, too.)

As someone that is 5’6” that has never been referred to anything but “skinny,” it is sometimes hard to find clothes that don’t look baggy on me. Even smalls in some brands make me look like a 10 year old that got into daddy’s shirt drawer. The Centrifuge Hoody has a great, semi-fitted fit with stretchy material that allows me to move and do every day activities comfortably.

The inside lining has a fleece-like feel that breathes very well. It would be a little too heavy for me to run in on even some of the coldest days- I typically like to stay on the cooler side when I run- but I can see how this would be a great outer layer for some people, especially on snowy, wet, winter days. The hood hugs your head nicely, so it eliminates the dreaded “bounce effect” that would come with a traditional hooded sweatshirt.

I wore this jacket one day while setting up for an event. It was a cool, damp, windy morning but I was perfectly comfortable in this jacket. The rain bounced right off and I never felt like I was overheating as I was moving around boxes and setting up.

I got the black one which- in my opinion, at least- is quite stylish for an athletic jacket and doesn’t look out of place walking around town. The material on the back has a stretchy, mesh-like feel, but blends in nicely with the rest of the jacket so it doesn’t look like two halves were just sewn together.

If you are looking for a layer to add on that will keep you comfortable on the most miserable of running days, check this one out. If you are an active individual that is just looking for a nice, all-weather jacket that won’t overheat you when you start to run around, this would be a great addition to your closet.


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