Tuesday Reviews-Day: Men’s Lululemon ABC Joggers


Back in September, athletic apparel store Lululemon launched its first campaign aimed at men; for a company that started 20 years ago to attract female yogis, and has been serving a predominantly female demographic ever since, this was a huge move.

I’ve been a fan of Lululemon’s clothing line for quite a few years; not only are the pieces high-quality and great for working out, but they also have a style element that allows customers to feel comfortable in any activity they sport them in. Lululemon was arguably one of the leaders in the athleisure trend, a trend I’ve fully embodied.

When I heard about its expansion to male clothing, I instantly got a pair of pants for my boyfriend to try. He’s heard me talk about how much I love Lululemon clothes for so long, it was time for him to experience it himself.

Dan has the ABC Joggers. Why “ABC” you ask? Well, it stands for anti-ball-crushing, and the company now has six different pants under this line. Not to get too personal, but Dan says they’re very comfortable and roomy. He also loves the jogger-style, with the tightness down by the ankles, yet bagginess around the quads.

Although he isn’t a runner himself, he admits he wears these pants whenever he can; they’re good for biking or lounging, which upholds the Lululemon mantra. The sweat-wicking material is also a four-way stretch fabric, so even when working up a sweat, the pants don’t stick to your legs.

Lululemon always thinks ahead in practicality, and it shows with the features in these pants. On the sides, there are pockets that blend in with the pants and don’t bulk out like many sweat pant pockets do. There is also a zipper on the back to secure important belongings, such as money or an ID. The drawcord can be worn on in the inside or outside as well.

Overall, Dan loves these pants; they run true to size and come in six different colors. If the price tag didn’t sit at $128, Dan says he’d buy them in every color.

Since September, the men’s lululemon line has grown rapidly. It now includes shorts, pants, all styles of tops and accessories, including bags, outerwear, hats and shoes. Check out its full men’s line here.

Men's Lululemon ABC Joggers
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