After a three-day weekend full of barbecues and laying pool-side, I was in desperate need of a good booty-buster to kick off my week. Thanks to Cycle X Studio, I got it.

As Chicago’s West Loop’s first cycling studio, Cycle X brings a familiar yet unique studio cycling experience to all its customers. Walking in, it felt like the other cycling studios I have been to in the past; clean and modern style, sleek lockers and amenities, and a friendly and excited staff.

When I first heard of Cycle X, I was most intrigued with its color wall, which the studio calls a “sensory indoor cycling theater.” Owner Anna Chipchase says the consultant who helped her design the entire studio pointed her to illumination experts to design the aesthetics, which are integrated into each workout differently with the music. When I first walked into the studio, I was definitely impressed with how it looked, and throughout the workout it added a unique experience from other cycling classes. (See it for yourself in this short video:).

The workout itself was pretty standard as far as cycling workouts go; we did a variety of hills, sprints and tap-backs on the bike, and there was even an arm weights portion, which I always appreciate in a mostly-leg based workout. However, the music mix was by far the best playlist I have had in a cycling class before. The instructor, Shannon, played some throwbacks, current hits and some songs I had never heard of before, and they all motivated me in a different way.

The bikes themselves were very comfortable. According to its site, Cycle X uses custom Stages SC3 bikes, which are “born from the needs of the world’s best professional cyclists and perfected for indoor cycling.” They also are hooked up to the instructor’s screen so they can monitor the class’s progress, and individuals can get their workout data at the end as well. This allows for a little friendly competition, but also lets customers track their own workout and progress, which  I find extremely beneficial.

At the end of 45 minutes, my butt was definitely kicked. I was still a little sore from doing Bike the Drive on Sunday, but felt full from the weekend, so good sweat session was just what I needed. I always enjoy a good spin class, and wish I got to do them more often.

In addition to the cycle studio, Cycle X offers a virtual TRX wall right across from the lockers, and although I didn’t try this option, I really like that it adds another aspect of variety to a workout that can, in my opinion, get a little redundant. The strength class option is free for those signed up and customers can use them before or after any class.

Chipchase, who is a former teen tennis star opened Cycle X with her husband earlier this month; after two years of nearly two-hour commutes to Lincoln Park to do a spin workout, she knew she had to bring a class to West Loop.

“I thought that someone would soon bring a studio to West Loop since its such a booming thing right now, but nobody did,” Chipchase says. “So I said to my husband, let’s do it ourselves, and here we are.”

Now Chipchase lives two blocks away from the studio, and hopes to create the neighborhood feel that other cycle studios have.

“We want people to be excited, and not feel like ‘oh god I have to do this’ but be like ‘yes I still have this on my schedule today,’” she adds.

The first class for any new customer is free, and then through June 16, Cycle X is offering Grand Opening package prices including an unlimited monthly membership for $150, and many other packages.


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