Taper, what’s a taper?


This will be my 7th Chicago Marathon.  I should know what to expect by now, right?  Well, the truth is I am nervous.  I am anxious.  I am overwhelmed.  But I am so excited to be able to run in person this year.

So exactly how do I prepare for a marathon day?  And how do I taper for a marathon?
We, runners, heard once or twice heard that Tapering is the most important part of any training plan.  
But it is also the hardest part of training.
The one thing I firmly believe is to have a fresh pair of legs at the start line.  We have less than two weeks left in this training for the upcoming Bank of America Chicago Marathon.  While your mileages decreases, your excitement increases.  You may experience a sudden rush to run more miles or to run at faster pace.  But, don’t! Save it for race day.
If you are anxious as to whether your training was enough, add all of the hours of training and add all of the mileage of running.  You are more than ready to conquer 26.2. It is hard to believe but you will not add to your fitness level at this point. Wherever you are at right now is where you will be on 10-10.
For the next two weeks, you want to focus more on your nutrition and hydration rather than actual running.  If you haven’t picked out your race day outfits, you may want to get that ready as well.  Visualize your race and remind yourself, “I can do this!”


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