Stay At Home Order Day Two: A House Party is Not “Essential Business”


OK, come on, Chicago. A house party does not fall within the definition of “essential business.” Let’s leave our CPD officers to do the work they need to do and not be called to break up a party. Seriously, enough. Stay home, party by yourself, utilize the various teleconference methods to connect with friends.

And parents, no playdates! I know, I know. I have little ones that need to get their wiggles out as well, but they just can’t do that with other children right now.

In my house this past week, we have utilized Zoom and Facetime for playdates for the kids and friend wine dates for me. It’s not the same, no. But this is such a small sacrifice to save lives.

The full order has been posted on the State of Illinois coronavirus website here. The website stays up to date with numbers and information as well. It’s a good one to check out if you want good information. You can visit the site here.

We’ve already covered this here, but you can still go out and run, walk, and bike. Chicago Parks are closed but you can hit the streets to pound some pavement. And, if you were signed up for the Shuffle today, go get your 8K and then sport your green Nike shirt. This year’s design is one of my favorites.

Stay strong, Chicago athletes. And, no more house parties or playdates!


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