Site Review: Cross Kicks

Anytime starting at new gym or fitness program it’s intimidating.  Quite a few people with go back & forth whether they would walk through those front doors or put the car in drive and turn right back around however Cross Kick Fitness is not your typically fitness place.   Walking in the doors I saw people working out everywhere.
I was greeted with one of the most welcoming & friend smiles ever.  This smile belonged to one of the owners Abby.   I looked around at what everyone was doing I knew I was in for a workout!!   The day I happened to visit was more of a cardio workout day. They have a weekly schedule which include arm or legs focus days and days working power & strength along with the more cardio workouts.
Cross Kicks is not your typical workout of lifting weights or running on a treadmill.   It’s the melting pot of all different types workouts!   Take all the great aspects from boxing, endurance training, Crossfit, and more to blend it in to this amazing creation of a workout.    The only thing that is better than this nonstop workout that leave you feeling accomplished & fulfilled at the same time is the people you are surrounded by.
The other people working out were extremely friendly and welcoming which is always nice to have when starting at a new place.   The staff & coaches are constantly interacting with members, they are helping motivate them through the workout, giving assistance on form & technique.   If you aren’t able to do a certain movement within a workout they are there to help scale to your fitness level.  This staff is nothing other than a group of amazing people who are there to make sure you get the best workout of your life every time you walk through those doors.   You can see the passion in everyone’s eyes.
One of the best features (other than the workouts themselves) is that there aren’t scheduled class times!!   You can walk in the door at anytime and just hop in to that days workout.   Which is ideal for anyone who has a busy schedule and lets be honest we all are busy!!
Cross Kicks offer quarterly challenges that anyone can signup for to help reach their goal.   They are now offering a 7 week Shred program that includes metabolic screening and nutrition assistance to help people get started on the right track to reach those goals.  More information about everything they have to offer can. Found on their website    Also on their website you are able to find a 3 day pass to any of their 4 locations; Algonquin, South Elgin, Lake Zurich and Roselle.
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Jenny is a mother of 2 who is all smiles on and off the race course. She started running in 2013 to get in shape and it quickly turned into a passion. In less than a year she completed multiple races including her first half marathon and then quickly discovered triathlons. She has since completed 5 half Ironmans and a full Ironman. She is a triathlon coach who enjoys being able to help others achieve their goals and also help start a local triathlon group with friends so they can all train together. Jenny hasn't stopped with just triathlons, she has also found a love for weight lifting, mud runs and Crossfit. She has even exposed her two children to the world of fitness and gets them training with her any chance she can.


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