Should you use a free plan or hire a coach?


When it comes to triathlon training, you should focus on working smarter, and not harder. Overworking yourself can lead to burning out both physically and mentally. The last thing you want to happen during your triathlon training is sidelining yourself due to an injury or mentally burning out before your race.


So, what can you do to ensure you’re not overworking yourself? What is the most important “first step” when it comes to creating the best triathlon training plan possible?

Essentially you have two options: Utilize a free training plan or look into hiring a coach. Using a free training plan can be a great start if you’re looking to get general ideas for your triathlon journey. However, a free training plan is only going to get you so far. They are made for the masses and aren’t intended for your specific needs. We recommend taking your training a step further and looking into hiring a coach.

Check out these top reasons to hire a triathlon coach.


  1. A Training Plan Made For You


Each triathlete is different. Every person training for a triathlon has their own personal history when it comes to experience and goals. Hiring a professional coach will allow you to have a customized training plan tailored specifically to you and your needs.


  1. A Support System Throughout Your Training


Hiring a coach not only gives you a physical training plan to build on, but having an experienced coach by your side will help you immensely from your first training session until you cross the finish line. They are there to support you and give you expert advice so you’re nothing short of prepared come race day.


  1. They’re Professionally Trained to Set You Up For Success


If you’ve never participated in a triathlon before or want to take your training to the next level, working alongside a professionally trained coach is a huge game changer. A free training plan can’t answer questions when you run into problems. What happens if the training plan doesn’t work for you? Where do you go from there?


A coach by your side means that every hurdle you meet during training will be met with an alternative plan. The goal of a coach is to allow you to have the best training experience and race day event possible. A free training plan can’t do that.


Whether you’re new to triathlon racing or simply want to be more prepared during your next event, hiring a coach can truly change the entire triathlon training experience as well as the race itself.


Hire a coach. Hire someone who has experience competing in triathlons. Hire someone who knows how to handle training from day one to race day.


New to the triathlon racing world? Looking for a customized training plan to suit your needs? Contact me today!


Train Right, Tri Right!

Coach MJ


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