Ryan Giuliano & Allie Walters

Ryan Giuliano
 2014 Nov Dec Ryan Giuliano

Ryan Giuliano has been a regular at the top of race results for years and the last few months have been no different. Since the start of September, the 29 year old won the Oak Brook Half Marathon, finished third at the O’Hare Runway 5K and was the first Illinois finisher at the IRONMAN World Championships in Hawaii, where he passed out momentarily during the run before getting up, refueling and finishing the race. While his times may fluctuate, Giuliano says he is always doing whatever it takes to be in the top group.

The Oakwood Hills resident says he picks his races based on his work schedule. While he competes in everything from 5Ks to IRONMAN events, Giuliano says his favorite distance is the Half IRONMAN.

Allie Walters
 2014 Nov Dec Allie Walters

Having a close relationship with a running coach can make a big difference in performance, and mo one knows that better than the female winner of the Fox Valley Half Marathon, Allie Walters: she’s married to her coach.

Walters ran all through school but drifted from the sport until meeting her husband. Now, she regularly competes in marathons and half marathons while training throughout the year and recently joined the Fleet Feet Racing Team, where she hopes to regain the camaraderie she enjoyed while running in school. Walters says she met a number of her current teammates through her father-in-law, who is also a running coach. 

Both her Fox Valley victory and her PR performance at Grandma’s Half Marathon in Minnesota helped prepare her for this year’s New York City Marathon. Walters has some lofty goals set for the difficult course and wants to break both her current marathon PR of 3:08 and the 3:05 mark.