8 Reasons Why Fall is a Runner’s Season

young woman running in the early evening autumn leaves

Today marks the first official day of fall – finally! Even if it doesn’t quite have that brisk, chilled feel in the air yet, we know it’s right around the corner.

It seems the whole world is ready for the new season; social media has been blowing up about #PSL (Pumpkin spice lattes, which I actually think are gross), and even Snapchat has a Starbucks and UGG boot filter today. But while others are excited to cuddle in their sweaters and go to a pumpkin patch, runners have a whole separate list of reasons to be excited for autumn:

1. Say goodbye to humidity and profusely sweating

Does anybody else feel like they’ve been running in 80 and 90-degree weather for about a year now? Soon enough, we will not be sweating before we even start our runs; we can go outdoors, and even do a short warm-up before feeling our body temperature rise. And the best part about no humidity? Not having excessive sweat drip in places it probably doesn’t belong.

2. “‘Cause I am really breathing, yeah I can find the air”

My personal favorite part about running in the fall is that I generally just FEEL better. The air is thinner and cooler, making it easier to breathe, but also making each breath feel smoother. And I still think it’s cool that you can see your breath when it’s cold out. Science.

3. PRs, PRs, PRs!

I find that as the temperatures decrease, so do my race times; whether that’s because I can breathe better, don’t get dehydrated as quickly or I’m not preoccupied with getting to the next shade patch, I’m just a better runner in the fall.

4. New season, new mindset

Don’t think 2016 is your running year? Don’t wait until 2017 to try again – start over now! I see the beginning of a new temperate season as a start to a new running season; put the summer races behind you, and make different goals, implement fresh strategies and maybe treat yo self to some new running shoes. Going in with a positive attitude alone will make a huge difference in your results.

5. The sidewalk is your runway

My running pants and jackets have been collecting dust all summer long, and I cannot wait to break them out again. Aside from the fact that running is the only time I feel I can pull off bright purple pants paired with a neon pink shirt, these clothes are just more comfortable. They also are made for sweating, whereas many of my tank tops and shorts are just cotton and actually make me sweat more. Bring on the workout apparel fashion show!

6. #Views

“I just have to make it to the y-shaped twig on Fourth Street before I can turn around,” is the thought of someone who runs the same monotonous route over and over. But with fall, the leaves change color, and what once was just a shrub becomes part of a beautiful scene. The new bursts of color in your neighborhood also makes post-run selfies way better.

7. 945 tech t-shirts later, it’s time for a free hoodie

It’s safe to say that goodie bags for fall races are WAY better than the summer races. I mean, you can only have so many technical shirts before they lose their appeal; but when it gets colder, race directors have to accommodate, right? In the fall, you’ll often find race packets coming with sweatshirts or jackets, and occasionally, you’ll get some hot chocolate or chicken noodle soup at the finish! If that’s not motivation to register for a race, I don’t know what is.

8. Crunchy leaves

I know I’m the not the only one who goes out of my way to step on a crispy leaf when I’m running … even if it sometimes results in a slight wipeout, it’s worth it. (Yes, I’m THAT uncoordinated).

Fall is the best season, but also seemingly the shortest; take advantage of all these autumn perks now, because before we know it, we’ll be trudging through snow, wearing layers on layers of gloves and putting newspapers in our shoes to dry them out. Ew.


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