Run for the Roses 5k

Overall female winner

The 24thannual Roselle Run for the Roses 5k and youth run benefitting the Tourette Syndrome Association took place this Sunday. The race course is USATF-certified and run on quiet residential streets of Roselle, Illinois. Weather conditions were ideal with the temperature at 60 degrees, a light breeze, and overcast skies. This was a nice reprieve from the 90+ degree days we had just recently experienced.

The race started and ended at the Lake Park High School West Campus. I had already decided that I wasn’t going to be able to run as well as I hoped due to a nagging injury I was experiencing, so I figured I’d walk, jog, and run (and hopefully not have to crawl) as much as possible depending on how I felt to get through to the end. When the race started and I hobbled on to the course, I thought I was doomed. But slowly I started to pickup up a little momentum here and there and was able to run close to my desired race pace towards the end of the race. Thankfully the aches and pains subsided a bit through the race … probably numbed by all the early morning pre-race caffeine and ibuprofen.

One thing that all the walking and slow jogging gave me a chance to do was to interact with some of the other participants. I noticed immediately that this is a very family-centered race with lots of families participating. I walked and talked with three generations of one family. I learned later that a 93-year-old gentleman named Robert Taylor had completed the race. Way to go Robert!

I saw a lot of the participants greeting each other and exchanging morning pleasantries waving and smiling to spectators they knew along the course. As I chatted up some of my fellow participants along the way I got the sense that this is a tight knit community with this event bringing neighbors and friends out to support a worthy cause.

When runners and walkers finished the race, there were plenty of activities to keep them occupied. There was a petting zoo, face painting for the kids, pony rides and plenty of refreshments present. I took advantage of all the offerings and chowed down on some Nancy’s pizza, Jimmy Johns sandwiches, and Walnut St. Deli hotdogs. Organic tea, iced coffee, water, protein bars, granola bars, fruit bars, yogurt drinks, and sliced fruit were also on the race menu.

Race awards were given for the first three finishers in each age group. Each was given a long-stem rose and a decorated glass. It was funny to see the reaction on some of the boy’s faces as they accepted their rose from the race organizer. A combination of bewilderment and embarrassment as if thinking to themselves, “What am I supposed to do with this?” as they bowed their heads and walked away. But I did see many of the mom’s take custody of the rose from their son’ hands leaving the sons with a sighed sense of relief.

The top male winners were:

1st) Brett Lustgarten of Carol Stream, 15:44

2nd) John Donovan of Platteville, 15:48

3rd) Sean Choate of Villa Park, 16:35

The top female winners were:

1st) Ruth Garippo of Roselle, 19:41

2nd) Rachel Garippo of Roselle, 20:31

3rd) Mariana Trejo of Chicago, 20:55


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