Race Directors

*Check out our exclusive Race Director digital issue for tips on hosting a race!

Hi, Race Directors! Do you have an event coming up that you want help promoting? Our online calendar, MyRacePal, is totally free and easy to use.

MyRacePal allows athletes to create their own race schedules, which they can share with friends to encourage greater participation and fitness. It is the turn-to resource for endurance athletes, and listing is the best way to give your event exposure throughout our Midwest coverage area.

If you have used our calendar in the past to list your events, your login information from the previous system should remain the same. To update or add your event listing for next year, visit www.myracepal.com.

Have never used MyRacePal before? Here’s how you get started:

Step 1: Please register on the website as a race director. The blue button to register is located in the upper-right corner, next to “sign in.”

Step 2: Log in, and click on the “Directors” button in the top right hand corner navigation area.

Step 3: That will take you to your Race Director section, where you can click the “Add New Event” button. Just follow the prompts from there. You should be able to add and amend your events as you please.

Step 4: Wait for us the approve it for accuracy, and it will go live on the site!

Questions? Email editor@mychicagoathlete.com and we’ll help you out.