Pleasant Prairie Indoor/Outdoor Triathlon


Driving up to Wisconsin from Chicago the morning after a snowfall in April, I had to think how to prepare for the outdoor run for this race.  In previous years, the Pleasant Prairie Indoor/Outdoor Triathlon may have been a little chilly but one never knows what to expect with accumulating snow, sleet, ice and hovering mid-30 degree temperatures.

With a 400-yard pool swim, four-mile spin bike, and a 2.3-mile run around Lake Andrea, the triathlon made for a short and fun race. A 7:30 a.m. start kicked off with the sun already shining and brightening up the RecPlex pool area for the first wave of racers.

Many of the racers are past participants or already familiar with this race’s format, though subsequent waves had quite a variety of new, returning, young and older individuals. One wave consisted of all youth under the age of 15.  Unlike most indoor triathlons that have a format where you are given a specific amount of time to do each discipline and the results are based on who goes the furthest distance, this race like outdoor triathlons, participants complete a specific distance in each and results are based on time.

Transition was set up in a room just off the swim, where once participants completed that portion and prepped for the bike, they traveled down the hallway to the bike.  Since the run started at the door leading outside from the bike room, it made sense to jump straight from the bike and head directly out to run.  However, since participants couldn’t leave or have items/clothing in the bike room, for someone like myself, who had clip in shoes, one had to go back to the transition room to get any items needed for the run.  In retrospect, it made sense to not even wear clip ins for the four-mile bike and just bike in your run shoes.  Though unless you were alright running in the clothes you wore on the spin bike, you were likely to go back to transition to have whatever one needed for the cold 2.3-mile run.  The only change I’d recommend, would be to have transition setup in the bike room.

Since Mother Nature provided a beautiful warming sun, the run made for perfect scenery around the lake.  As the later waves of racers progressed, the weather provided near perfect running conditions.

Often indoor or shorter triathlons like this attract those new to the sport, like the youth wave, however, today’s race participants included a few IRONMAN finishers, as well as, Dana Jaros, who just ran Boston Marathon a few weeks ago.

The director for Pleasant Prairie Indoor Series, Sandy Wiedmeyer, seemed pretty pleased with how well the race went, as she acknowledged the amazing volunteers and handed out awards. Overall winners were Joseph Cruz (male) and Abbie Goodman (female).


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