Nike’s Spring 2020 Line


Hey Chicago – We hit 70 degrees yesterday! With the chaos of our world right now, we may have forgotten that spring is almost here, and Nike has a new line of spring gear for you to check out.

As with all Nike gear, it has been made with athletes in mind. It is high quality, breathable, and at the top of fashion.

Nike Lightweight Women’s Jacket

This hooded jacket is water-repellent and highly ventilated. The lightweight material is great for the chilly starts that happen in spring until you get a few miles under your belt. I have found that this jacket keeps me warm for the start, but doesn’t overheat once I really get moving. Plus there’s a zipper pocket for your personal items! I like to stick a Ziploc bag in the pocket, in case I get caught in one of those spring rains that seem to sneak up on you. I use a water protective phone case, but feel better with the double layer of a Ziploc as an outerlayer.

Nike Women’s Long Sleeve Running Top

This top is seriously one of the cutest running tops I own. With a longer front and tapered back, it’s right on point with trends. The thumb holes ensure it doesn’t ride up, a problem I find happens with so many base layers. Performance-wise this top combines Nike’s famous sweat-wicking technology with stretch-knit fabric to help keep you dry and moving freely through your route.

Nike Pro Women’s Fleece

I mean, there’s not much I can say about this top that you can’t see for yourself in the images. This top is such a huge hit that it made the marketing image for the whole article. This top is soft, comfy, moveable, and super cute. The stretchy fleece wicks sweat to keep you warm and dry. But the slightly oversized fit makes it my go-to piece for a post-workout comfort. I keep this close by to pull over my head after a tough run.

7/8 Yoga Tights

A yoga tight is a yoga tight, right? WRONG! These tights are so super cute with their detailed overlap and high waist. The contoured fit highlights the natural lines of your body, while the soft, stretchy fabric stays put for speed workouts. I’ve spent too many runs yanking at my tights to pull them up. That does not happen with these sweat-wicking tights. They truly deliver in both the way they look, and they way they perform.



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