New Running Program Teaches Proper Form


One of the beautiful parts of running is anyone can do it. All it takes is a pair of shoes (usually) and any amount of area to just start going. However, just because everyone knows how to run, doesn’t mean they know how to do it correctly. Every summer more and more people are forced to the sidelines because of plantar fasciitis, achilles tendinitis or any number of other injuries that are often caused because of poor running form.

The trainers at Accelerated Rehabilitation Centers are developing a new program using the POSE Method to help runners not only recover from injuries but actively prevent them. This summer they will be launching their Love to Run program aimed at teaching runners the correct running form. To do this they are using the POSE Method, developed by Dr. Nicholas Romanov who trained Olympic athletes. POSE, to simplify, teaches runners the three body positions that will optimize running ability and keep the body in as natural of a position as possible. It uses gravity and the naturally strong hamstrings most people have instead of fighting against them like many runners do.  The Learn to Run Program will use these principles to help runners improve their technique.

“It all goes back to technique,” Said Accelerated’s Denise Smith, PT, CMPT. “If you’re playing tennis or golf, those have the classic elbow pains, it usually means there is something wrong with your form. You work with a coach to improve your technique so that your muscles aren’t irritated. Running is the same way, if you aren’t landing the right way that will flair something up. That’s what we are trying to work on, imporving how you run so that the chronic stress doesn’t develop into something more permanent.”

The class launches to the public June 23 and will be available at a number of classes throughout Chicagoland. It will take around 5 to 6 months to complete, but only the first month or so will need to be done with close work between a runner and trainer. The remaining time the trainer will work with the runner in a number of ways with him using his training with his own workouts. Smith said while they will use the POSE Method and Learn to Run with injured runners, they also encourage anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable while running to try it in efforts to prevent future injury. “Our goal is to have people run faster, run longer and run without pain, everyone falls into one of those categories,” Smith said.

During their work together, the trainers at Accelerated will video tape the runner, use the Sproing machine, and various other exercises all to get them to feel and see the difference. Using the Sproing will allow runners to get into correct position without the fear of falling over, just as the recording of them running will show them what they look like and how to correctly run. Injured runners will be able to work through the program with one on one help, runners just looking to correct their form will have the option to either work exclusively with the trainer or in a small group of ten or less.

For now, Smith is working to teach trainers at Accelerated clubs throughout not only Chicagoland but the Midwest. As the trainers perfect the class it will be available at a growing number of locations. Once launched, call 877-97REHAB (877-977-3422) to find the closest Accelerated with the Love to Run class available. For questions, email Smith at In the end, Love to Run is meant to do what most other rehab programs don’t, actually fix the problem. Smith said instead of putting a bandage on the problem, the program fixes the cause.

“Accelerated started this program because we decided there was too much emphasis on treating injured runners and not enough getting out in front of it,” Smith said. “We wanted to be proactive, we found the POSE Method and their ability to focus on movement and how the body is supposed to move opposed to others focusing on the right shoes or the right clothes.”