New Fun Run “Transcends” City

20 Miler 728×90

Fleet Feet Sports and Brooks are teaming up for a special fun run this weekend and are getting attention for it in an unusual way. The three mile fun run, titled Rise Above the Run, will start at midnight on Saturday morning and honors the release of Brooks new Galactic Running shoe.

To build anticipation for the release and gain interest the fun run has embraced the galactic theme. The fun run has brought on the help of their new mascot, dubbed the “Transcendronaut” after Brooks named Chicago “The Most Transcendent Running Community” and donated $10,000 to running charities in the community. Dressed in a full astronaut suit, the Transcendronaut will be making appearances throughout the city on Tuesday.

The fun kicks off Tuesday morning at 8am when he will hand out free hot chocolate at the State and Lake red line stop. While the interplanetary suit will keep him warm from the deep freeze expected to last through Tuesday, the warm drinks should be welcomed by commuters. There will also be appearances at other Chicago institutions like The Bean and the United Center among others throughout the day.

Doors open at 11pm Friday night at Fleet Feet’s Old Town store and the run will start an hour later. Following the run the store will host a “Party Voyage” exploring the future of running. For more information on the new line of shoes and the fun run click here.