New Fitness Studio Opens Wednesday in River North


Studio Fitness tends to thrive on specialization. Instead of offering clients an enormous range of equipment and methods of working out, studios pick one discipline and master it: barre, high intensity interval training, yoga, Pilates, spin, boxing, dance. While the specific workout in each class differs, the general concept remains the same. At Crosstown Fitness, you can expect an HIIT workout, not spinning. At Flywheel, you can expect to spin, not practice yoga.

That idea will change on Wednesday when Studio Three opens its doors to the public.

Studio Three (648 N. Clark), as the name suggests, combines three completely different studios in one building, allowing clients to experience a variety of workout styles while keeping their membership in one location.

“A lot of people belong to three, four or five different studios,” David Blitz, owner and operator of Studio Three, says. “The idea was that people were spending $1,000 a month on gym memberships, health, fitness and wellness. We wanted that under one roof so people could benefit from going to one facility rather than eight different facilities.”

Studio Three features three floors, one with Peloton Indoor Cycling, one with interval training and one with yoga.

“I think [those workout styles] complement each other the best,” Blitz says. “Those are the three most desired disciplines that would go with each other in the best format in the city of Chicago and, really, across the United States.”

The studio features some of the industry’s top equipment, including Woodway treadmills and WaterRowers in its HIIT studio and Peloton bikes in its indoor cycling studio

The studio also has an exclusive partnership with Real Good Juice Co., which will sell cold-pressed juice and small grab-and-go items, such as acai bowls and yogurt parfaits, at the studio.

“We searched long and hard for the best juice bar in Illinois and outside, and we when found Real Good Juice Co., we quickly decided it was the best fit for the location,” Blitz says.

Studio Three has lockers outside each studio for storing belongings in addition to large locker rooms with showers stocked with EO products, and supplies most of the “extras” a person could need for these sorts of workouts, including towels, bike shoes and yoga mats.

The studio offers several different kinds of class packages, including five-, 10- and 20-class packs that clients can use at any of the three studios, monthly unlimited packages for the interval, cycle or yoga studio or a monthly unlimited package to all three studios. Studio Three also offers a VIP membership, which, in addition to including unlimited monthly access to the entire facility, also includes extras such as early registration, late cancellation and a priority waitlist.

“The vision behind it is inclusiveness, so regardless of age or weight, we want everybody to come for all different reasons,” Blitz says. “Some people maybe want to lose weight. Some may want to be healthier mentally or physically. It’s a group environment that is really conducive to including everybody who wants to be fit and lead a healthy lifestyle.”

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