New Chicago Spin Class Incorporates Strength Training


While spin classes are hot in the world of studio fitness right now, the only scrutiny it may get is that your upper body gets neglected in stationary bike workouts. However, a new class, Bikettle, adds a strength element to give participants a full body workout.

Located in West Humboldt Park, Bikettle is your typical spin class, with a combination of hills and sprints on a stationary bike, but participants are given a five or 10-pound kettle ball to “dance” with while they work.

It’s like “dancing on a bike,” founder Quentin Love told DNAinfo. “”Bikettle goes beyond the physical; it elevates you to a new mindset.”

Love specifically brought Bikettle to Humbodlt Park because it has a reputation of violence and poverty, so he wanted to bring positivity to the neighborhood through fitness and wellness.

“Communities like Humboldt Park are known more for its stressors than its stress-relievers,” Love said in a prepared statement.

Everyone gets to try Bikettle free for the first time, and each class after is $10. Bikettle also offers membership packages.

The fitness studio is located at 4353 W. North Avenue, and there and class schedules and more information can be found at


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