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As we close out the year and embark on 2020, many athletes focus on preparing for the upcoming new year training and race season. That preparation includes outlining training plans, meeting with coaches, choosing races for the upcoming year, as well as, deciding what new gear, items, and more they need, would like, or will get for the next season.

Thinking about some of the things desired in the new year for training and preparing for their sport, I asked a variety of athletes, including distant runners, cyclists, triathletes and the like, what they want and are planning for for 2020. Here are a few things they shared:

Race Fees
One of the most common things that athletes consider for the new year is race registration fees. Depending on the number of races athletes have planned, race fees greatly add up and are typically a very costly portion of an athlete’s budget. Being able to have race fees discounted, covered or sponsored, is ideal for many athletes. Marathoner, Jamicka Edwards stated ” Running races can get expensive but if the race portion is taken care of and you live in the area, it makes it easier to be set that goal to be there- if it’s out of state it can help making it to that race more attainable.”

Sports Watches
Many athletes have sports watches to track their activities, however, as they are continually being upgraded and improved, a new watch is a common desire. Garmin is typically the most coveted, however, Tom Tom and Apple Watch are also a few other options. The n ew Garmin Fenix 6x Pro Sapphire is one that is triathlete, Michael Cohen is seeking because “I want the improved battery life so that I can attempt a full IRONMAN.”

Run Shoes and Running Gear
A common need for runners, triathletes and others is the need for new and more run shoes. In particular, those that train for long distance races or quite a number or races throughout the year, more shoes are essential. Rotating shoes every 300-500 miles is typically recommended and for many that easily run about 80-100+ miles per month, that means getting new shoes approximately every 3-4 months.

A few additional items that athletes have shared that they desire for the new year include:

Push Scooter: This may seem like a fun toy, however, it also has some key training benefits. Athlete, Sean Wyatt expressed his desire for a scooter ” to build core muscles in a fun new way.”

Race skis: As winter is approaching, outdoor sports like skiing, snowboarding and ice skating are commonly enjoyed. Some partake in these sports for recreation, while others seek the challenge and thrill of racing and competition. Ouida Brown, IRONMAN triathlete and skier, seeks to get race skis because as she explains ” so I can be faster when I race versus my all mountain skis.”

Total Gym and Treadmill: Training in the mid-west can have it’s challenges once the weather drops, the snow hits, a winter apocalypse (-40 degrees) prevents people from going outside, or even just life and a busy schedule makes it hard to get out or to the gym. To have the option of working out at home keeps athletes ability to stick to their training. “To save on space in the home gym and get a total body workout” is something, marathoner Steven Henderson would like to have to enhance his training.

Sponsorship: To acquire sponsorship is also a very much sought opportunity that athletes want and often submit for or seek towards the end of the year, in preparation for the following year. Many brands and sponsorship opportunities open in the final quarter of the year and announce who receives them between November – January. ” Sponsorship based on community involvement for run groups,” is one that marathoner, Martin Dixon, wants to acquire. Being involved in a community or group speaks volumes for those that seek to make a difference or impact.

Overall, no matter if its a new bike, waterproof mp3 player, wetsuit, or support for fundraising for a race entry (other honorable mentions), focusing on being prepared for a new year is not only helpful towoards planning towards 2020 goals, but it’s also inspiring!


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