My Strange Addiction: My Fitness Tracker


Hi, I am Holly, and I am addicted to my Apple Watch.

Back in November, Nike reached out to me asking if I wanted to try the new Apple Watch Nike+. As someone who never even considering a Fitbit in fear of becoming too addicted, I was skeptical. But as “a runner’s best friend” I couldn’t pass it up.

If you read my review, you’ll know that I loved it right off the bat – it took me a little while to learn the different features and functions, but it quickly became an extension of my left arm. I didn’t fully rely on the calorie count each day, but liked that it was something to go off of when I did the Stairmaster at the gym, and seeing my steps at the end of the day was reassuring.

More often that I thought, this watched has served as my sole motivation; seeing my calorie or activity bars low forces me to get out the door.

But recently, I realized that I am addicted to my watch, to a point which my boyfriend calls “unhealthy.”

One time I went out for my normal four mile run, a route I’ve ran dozens of times since high school, but when I got back, it read 3.75 miles. I was infuriated; I had even run this route with the watch before, and knew it was accurate. Then I realized I never turned off “Indoor Mode” from my previous day’s treadmill workout. While I knew in my head that I ran four miles, the fact that my watch didn’t say I did, made me go out and run another quarter mile.

Another time, on a short three-mile jog, I looked at my watch at about mile two and saw that the Nike+ app had shut down. I literally stopped in my tracks, “so this run won’t count?” To say that I ran angrily the rest of the way would be an understatement; I knew this was irrational, but I like knowing all my stats at the end of the day, and now it would be off.

Luckily, when I got home, I heard Siri’s voice saying “workout completed, three miles.” There was just a glitch in the app, and I immediately breathed a sigh of relief, and laughed at my ridiculousness.

However, if that happened again, do I think I would act any differently? No, probably not.

It’s crazy to me that this time last year, a fitness tracker was not even on my mind, but now I don’t think I could run without it. Having all of my workouts logged with specific data on an app on my phone keeps me on track, and having Siri tell me my pace at every mile definitely motivates me to go a little faster.

Many people make fun of me because I have a pretty dark tan line on my left arm where my watch is – “do you ever take it off?” they ask. I mean when I shower and sleep, but that’s it. And they laugh and say that’s crazy, but honestly, I’m not ashamed. It gives me reassurance at the end of each day that I was productive.

I’m currently training for a half marathon, and it has really aided in that too – I know exactly where I am at on my long runs, and for me personally, that helps mentally. I’m really excited to use it for the race next month, and maybe quintuple my daily move goal that day.


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