Meet Chicago Athlete Ambassador: Eric Bradach

Tell our readers a little about yourself
I’m currently a 32 years old personal trainer who started running 3 years ago after a few years of inactivity as a way to meet new people and be less of an introvert while looking for opportunities to remain active.  My first race was Chicago Spring Half Marathon and I never looked back.  In fact, that same year I signed up for Chicago Marathon.  I played soccer for much of my life and after high school trained in kickboxing for 10 years.  During that decade I competed in amatuer fights and turned pro while living and training professionally in Tailand.  
What does running / endurance sport mean to you?
I use running as a motivator throughout the day.  I reinvented myself during the COVID pandemic and got his Personal Trainer Certification.   Running has been what’s kept me going throughout the pandemic.  I see running as a challenge and it appeals to my competitive nature by allowing me to see how far I can push myself.
How did you get started with running / endurance sport?
During Senior year of college I discovered and trained with Chicago Endurance Sports for the Chicago Spring Half.  During that training cycle I learned about different types of runs and how to structure a plan for race.
What does your training regime look like?  What motivates you?
Currently I run 6 days a week – Speed sessions on Tuesday – Long runs on Friday and Tempo and progression runs on Sunday with recovery runs and strength training twice a week.
Over the years what has been your favorite race and why?
The F3 Lake Half Marathon – It’s a great example of how crazy and dedicated runners can be.  My first one was 2019 within the polar vortex in single digit temperatures with 1500 other people. 
How do you usually prepare for a race?
My philosophy is consistency is key.  It’s never about one particular workout or run.  In  the days leading up to a race I try to think positively.  I remember back to Muay Thai and think about not having to dodge punches or kicks.  I might be in pain at the finish; but, I won’t be injured.
What are your goals for the 2021 season?
I’d like to run a sub 41 10k (which he just did the morning of this interview).  For the Wisconsin half he is looking for a 1:31.  I am registered for Berlin Marathon am looking for a sub 3:10.  I’m Hoping race is not cancelled and Americans are allowed into the country.
What are some of your other passions outside of running / endurance sport?
Simply just walking is one of the best activities anyone can do.  I still enjoy soccer and am working on getting back into tennis.
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James began his journey in Triathlon 7 years ago; and participates in events as a mid to the back of the pack ever since. What started out as an attempt to lose a few pounds quickly became a change in lifestyle. Now when he’s not juggling responsibilities as a husband, father and Technology Coordinator for a District; you are likely to find him swimming, biking, and running all over the Northern 'Burbs of Chicago and beyond. The consummate gearhead, he is always experimenting with the latest gizmos and gadgets of the endurance industry. Happy to strike up a conversation or offer a few words of encouragement, you can find him at numerous events throughout the triathlon season in the Chicagoland area.


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