May Clif Bar Athletes of the Month: Stephen Clevenger and Katie Zawacki Tosh


Stephen Clevenger 

  • Second Illinois finisher at the 2019 Boston Marathon, 63 overall, with time of 2:27:15
  • Finished in top 50 in debut marathon at 2017 Bank of America Chicago Marathon
  1. Why did you start running? 

I started running to get in shape for soccer. Over time I realized the soccer ball was just getting in the way!

  1. Biggest motivator? 

First, the sense of accomplishment after completing a run is a huge motivator. Whether it’s a marathon, or just a morning run on a cold Midwest winter day, you feel better about yourself, and your day, when you complete a run.

Also, seeing my wife and family members cheer me on during a race is the ultimate motivation. Their support means so much to me, and to see their encouragement in a tangible way is indescribable.

  1. PR you’re proud of?

8k PR of 24:35 at the 2019 Shamrock Shuffle

  1. Average weekly mileage?

Lately, 160. In 2018, 80.

Katie Zawacki Tosh

  • Female winner at 2019 BQ.2 marathon with time of 3:21:49
  • Two BQs one year after breaking her ankle
  1. Why did you start training for a BQ?

I ran my first marathon six years ago (the 2013 Chicago Marathon).  At that time, my only goal was to finish, and I was so excited when I did so.  Three years ago, I got the itch to be faster. I added more speed workouts, and chopped 12 minutes off, and then realized that a BQ was in my wheelhouse.

  1. Best place to run? 

I like to do my long runs on the lakefront path, and I will do my speed workouts on the 606 (where it is nice and flat).  However, my favorite place that I’ve ever run was this past summer when I did a long training run in San Francisco and got to run across the Golden Gate Bridge!

  1. PR you’re proud of?

3:30:53, 2018 Bank of America Chicago Marathon

  1. Favorite race distance?

Hands down 26.2


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