Mark Wehrman & Karrie Hamstra-Wright

Mark Wehrman
 2012 June Mark Wehrman
Mark Wehrman says that for years, he would plan his entire racing schedule around one big marathon.  Wehrman believes that this plan lead to disappointment at the end of every season.
For the first time in a long time, Wehrman is broadening his horizons by seeking different races and trying to run one event every week.  This strategy has proven fruitful for the Ann Arbor, Michigan native.  Already this year he has top five finishes in the CARA Lakefront 10 Miler, Ravenswood 5K and an overall victory in the Cinco de Miler.
Now living in Chicago, Wehrman is using every resource available to him to obtain his goals, which includes having his brother Chris act as his coach.  And, while he doesn’t have a set schedule on which races he’ll run, he does plan on sticking close to the CARA circuit and hopes to be in contention for CARA Runner of the Year at the end of the season.
Karrie Hamstra-Wright
 2012 June Karrie Hamstra-Wright
Karrie Hamstra-Wright appreciates running more now than ever before in her life.  She grew up a successful athlete in both basketball and softball, playing both sports in college at Olivet Nazarene University.  While running was always a part of her life, it wasn’t until she was unable to overcome a series of health problems that she began to focus on running as a sport.
Since 2009, Hamstra-Wright has run five marathons, her most recent being her most successful.  She made the short drive from her home in Chicago to Kenosha, Wisconsin for the Wisconsin Marathon where she produced the best time in the women’s marathon.  At 2:57:57, she beat her old personal record by four minutes.  Hamstra-Wright credits the win to cool weather and a flat course, but her training before the race was paramount.
“It was one of those days where everything just clicked,” Hamstra-Wright says.  “This training season has been really meaningful for me.  I thank God he gave running back to me.”