March Clif Bar Athletes of the Month: Kimberly Horner and Eric Hofmann

Kimberly Horner and Eric Hofmann (Submitted photos)

Kimberly Horner – Running


  • 2019 Female Winner of F^3 Half Marathon
  • Ran cross country and track at Oxford University

How did you start running?

I grew up playing sports and joined my school’s track and cross country teams in middle school. It seemed like a natural step as both my sister and father were distance runners.

Marathon PR:


What is your favorite part of the sport?

“It’s the early morning miles logged alone and with teammates, the exploration of single-track trails and dusty gravel roads, and the persistent desire to push my own limits. I love the freedom, the challenge, and the people that I have met along the way.”

What is your goal this year?

Pursing the marathon distance and the Olympic Trials Qualifying Standard

Eric Hofmann – Running


  • 2019 Male Winner of Frosty 5 Miler
  • “No missed days” since November 2015

So you do track and cross country, which is your favorite?

“In the spring, I love track and miss it when the season comes to an end, but in the fall I love cross country and feel the same way then.”

How many years have you been running?


Favorite distance to run?

In recent years, my best performances have come at longer distances and I consider my half marathon PR (1:13:22) to be my strongest.

What is your longest run-streak?

2,542 consecutive days between 2005 and 2012


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