Marathon Advice From Chicago Athletes


Hey Chicago Athletes!

We are getting into fall marathon crunch time and our ambassadors have some tips for you as you increase your long run mileage and get ready to start winding down your training.

Listen to your body! It’s important to know the difference between general training fatigue and needing to take an unscheduled break to allow your body the rest it needs! I promise, you won’t not cross the finish line if you skip that easy 4 mile run to catch some extra zzz’s when your body really needs it. Sometimes extra sleep is what you need to succeed!

-Megan Hode

I’m a big fan of out and back routes for the long runs. Loops make it easier to refill nutrition and liquids, but also make it tempting to cut a run short. If you run 10 miles from home you’ve got to run the 10 back. A route with a gas station or water fountain near the turn around is even better.

-Jim Toledo

“Life requires you to learn about things while the answer is in the process of being decided.” -James Clear

I think this quote sums up marathon training, especially when it’s your first time. The process is just as important as the finish line. Enjoy the training process. There are so many components to the process – the training, meeting new people, learning about your body, suffering setbacks, finding the motivation to push on (or recognizing when to rest). The process is a crazy journey but you learn so much about yourself that you become a better self from going through it.

-Justin Samaniego

Give yourself a bit of a pep talk. Remember your why’s. Why did you sign up? Why are you running?

Keep reminding yourself that you are a badass. When it gets harder, Tell yourself how strong of a runner you are. And Remember all of your training miles. And believe in yourself that you will cross the finish line! And never forget you paid for this race, you better pick up the bling at the finish line!

-Suzuka Hetterich


Really focus on the “little things” during end of the season training. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep to properly recover. Make sure you’re staying hydrated, even if the temps are cooling down a bit. Make sure you’re staying on top of your stretching/strength/etc routine. The closer you get to race day, the more important it is to treat your body well. A bigger focus on the “little things” makes a BIG difference on race day:)

-Jacqui Giuliano


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