Local Gyms Teach Future Instructors


Each year new fitness classes and training groups pop up all over the Chicagoland area. Whether it’s cross training, yoga or a fat burning class these options are becoming more and more popular. With that higher demand there is a need for people to lead the classes. Two gyms in the city are helping those interested become fully prepared to teach a class of their own.

Corepower Yoga and On Your Mark Coaching & Training are hosting teacher training classes in the coming weeks. These classes will prepare the students to eventually be hired by a gym to teach a class or improve skills teachers are already working on. Both gyms are teaching classes open to people of all levels who would like to get more involved in the fitness world.

OYM Training was started by personal trainers Annette Fiscelli and Emily Hutchins. The two were personal trainers who realized they weren’t getting the most out of those they were training. While their training sessions were always top notch, they noticed that after leaving their customers weren’t staying on top of their homework needed between sessions.

“Personal training can be pricey to do 2-3 times a week. You almst find that you are in this monotonous thing,” Fiscelli said. “So we decided to have a class where we invited our clients and it was way more affordable and all of them were able to do their homework. They hadn’t been doing it, they were just staying stagnant. So we came up with a class where they could do their homework. We started doing one or two more sessions and that’s how it all started. We wanted our clients to do their homework, we were still personal trainers.”

Their training became so popular they started having people come to them in hopes of learning how to become a trainer themselves. On top of that, they started working with trainers from other clubs who were hoping to improve their skills. Now they take a couple of weeks each year to train soon to be coaches how to handle a fitness class of almost any kind.

Corepower Yoga has a similar program designed to help those interested in yoga take the next step and begin leading their own group. Classes around the city and suburbs will lead various classes to help current and future teachers learn to skills needed to teach. Chicago’s Lakeview studio will lead classes for those interested in teaching Power Yoga and Sculpt Yoga classes, they will also lead classes for those who have already gone through the beginner training and looking for an extension. 
”The teacher training is an eight week training class,” Lakeview studio manager Samantha Galvin said. “I like to compare it to the undergad of yoga, it’s 200 hours. We are certified with the yoga alliance to give the curriculum to our students to teach anywhere else as well as here. We are teaching students to feel comfortable in space, how to get students into alignment.”

Both OYM and Corepower realize that there are many things that go into becoming a well-rounded teacher. Hutchins, who comes from an exercise science background, said they focus on functionality training. Not only do they want their future teachers to know how to move from workout to workout, but also know why they are doing each exercise and what the benefits are. Similarly, Galvin said they teach not only the anatomy and movements of yoga, but also the mythology and principles of yoga.

Galvin and the rest of Corepower host teacher training three times a year, the first of which come up at the end of January into February. The Power Yoga training classes that Galvin will be leading from Lakeview will begin February 19th while the Sculpt training starts January 17th from Lakeview. Prices vary from class to class but include unlimited yoga classes. For a complete listing of class availability and information, click here.

OYM works with small groups of current and future instructors to prepare them for certification and employment. While they work with teachers of all levels, including those who have never taught before, they especially like to work with teachers who are already working at various clubs throughout the city. Fiscelli said that they love working with teachers from FFC or Equinox to help them improve their skills.

OYM will host teacher training classes January 24-26 and February 1, 8, 14 and 15. The training costs $1600 and includes unlimited classes throughout the training, hands on practice and access to their expert knowledge. For more information on the classes and the instructors, click here.