Karen Prisby & Jeff Jonaitis

Jeff Jonaitis
 2008 June Jeff Jonaitis
Jeff Jonaitis of Tinley Park is a ridiculously good runner. Recently, Jonaitis won the 2008 Universal Lakefront 10 (a race he’s won three times). But as far as his accomplishments are concerned, that is just the tip of the iceberg. Jonaitis has qualified for the Olympic marathon trials (2007), won cross country championships and finished sixth overall at the 2007 Shamrock Shuffle. 
Jonaitis original began his career running short races, but gradually increased his distance. “The longer I ran, the better I did,” Jonaitis says. 
As he adjusted to longer races, Jonaitis began blowing away the competition. But the reason behind his success might be as simple as stress-management. “I run because it offers me serenity after a long day of teaching middle schoolers,” Jonaitis says. “Speaking of which, if anyone out there has a high school P.E. job available, let me know.” 

As a note: We are happy to finally honor Jeff Jonaitis, his nomination has been long overdue. 



Karen Prisby
2008 June Karen Prisby 
Karen Prisby’s favorite race is the Ravenswood 5K race, winning the race might have skewed her opinion a little bit though. “I love the Ravenswood race. The course isn’t too big and I won it, but I really don’t like big races, so it’s a good size too,” Prisby says. 
Prisby is a two-time All American in cross country and track. She specializes in the quick races, 5Ks and 10Ks are her specialty. “In college I ran the shorter distances, but I’m going to try a half marathon this year,” Prisby says. 
So why does the reigning Ravenswood champ continue to run? “It is the one aspect of my life where I can see results and see how hard works pays off. I also love being in shape. Running just feels good,” Prisby says.