January/February Athletes of the Month: Douglas Beattie and Missy Bacik


Douglas Beattie

Douglas Beattie’s running career started in the mid-1980’s when he joined track in high school; his events were the mile and two mile, but even then he wanted to keep running. However, after graduation, he stopped running for 25 years and dealt with some medical problems, but rekindled his love in 2010. Beattie began running half marathons and eventually full marathons, but still finding that urge to run longer. He did his first 50 miler in 2013 where he set his PR at 8:28:24. Two years later, Beattie finished his first 100 miler at the Hennepin 100, and also set a PR with a time of 24:55:39.  This year, Beattie took it to the next level, and registered for completed the triple crown of 200 mile races: Bigfoot200, Tahoe200 and Moab240. “I set my endurance PR of racing 650 miles in just over 60 days,” Beattie says.

Missy Bacik

Missy Bacik grew up with a family of runners, in Lansing, Mich., and all four of her siblings did cross country or track, so she joined the trend. She fell in love with running early on and ran competitively in high school, continuing her running career at Central Michigan University, where she was a cross country and track distance runner. Right after college, Bacik was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma, and had to take a break from running. With some lung scarring, Bacik is limited in how much she can run, but is now able to run some races, and recently won the Wheaton Hot Cider Hustle 8 Mile with a time of 51:07. As the manager of the Dick Pond Athletics store in Lisle, Bacik started racing with the Dick Pond Racing Team. “When I do race, I’m really happy to be doing it … I know what it is like not to be healthy enough to run,” Bacik says.



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