How to Watch the Bank of America Chicago Marathon


Live Spectating

As in previous years, general spectators will not have access to the race start and finish areas within Grant Park on race day. These areas will be accessible to participants displaying their event-issued bib numbers, event staff with proper credentials, and ticketed guests (where applicable). Individuals who are not registered for the race will not be able to escort runners to the start line or greet runners at the finish line. It is recommended that spectators support runners from elsewhere on the course, and meet runners after the race at the designated runner reunite area after the race.

The Biofreeze 27th Mile Post-Race Party and runner reunite area of Grant Park will open to spectators at 9:30 a.m. To access this area, spectators must pass through security and bag screening.  Please note, any items deemed to be dangerous or inappropriate will be confiscated or denied access at the sole discretion of security personnel.

Recommended spectator viewing areas:

    • To view runners closest to the start of the race, go to Grand Avenue, between Columbus Drive and State Street, near Mile 1, or anywhere along State Street, between Grand Avenue and Jackson Boulevard.
    • To view runners closest to the finish of the race, go to the Bank of America Cheer Zone at Michigan Avenue and Roosevelt Road.
    • Purchase a ticket to the Balbo Hospitality Tent to get access to the finish line bleachers, $125 each
    • After the race, spectators should plan to meet their runners at the runner reunite area in Butler Field, located north of Jackson Drive, between Columbus Drive and Lake Shore Drive.

Watching From Home

NBC 5 will offer complete live coverage of the 2018 race beginning at 7 a.m. online and on TV. The race can be streamed live from around world on the NBC Chicago app, which will also offer a live stream of the finish line from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The official Bank of America Chicago Marathon mobile application also features live broadcast streaming and live race day runner tracking. The app is available now on the App Store and Google Play.


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