How to Become a Sponsored Athlete


When you first start out competing in triathlons, you might never consider that you could become a sponsored athlete. You may think that only elite athletes are those that get sponsored. In reality, you don’t need to be a top tier triathlon finisher to become sponsored. You simply need to understand what a sponsorship entails and how to work hard to become a sponsored athlete.

Take a look at these top 4 helpful tips to becoming a sponsored athlete:

  1. Market Yourself

How can you make a business choose you over other athletes? Find out your strengths, focus on them, and share why you’re the best choice for a sponsorship. Some of the most basic ways you can do this is to create social media platforms that show and share your dedication to racing.

  1. Make a List of Potential Sponsors

Come up with a list of your dream sponsors. When you’re starting out, try to keep your list to more realistic sponsors to get started. As you continue to move forward in your triathlon journey, you can advance to approaching bigger businesses for sponsorship opportunities.

  1. Know What You Want From Sponsorship

What are you looking for from a sponsor? Free gear, money for races? When you’re reaching out to potential sponsors, be clear with what you’re looking for when it comes to being sponsored by a business. When you’re first starting off in sponsored opportunities, you may only receive free gear. Keep working and showing your worth to sponsors and that’s when you’ll begin to get paid.

  1. Determine How You Can Benefit Sponsor

When you’re considering becoming a sponsored athlete you have to consider why a company would want to sponsor you. What can you bring to the table that is going to benefit them? Ideally, they are looking for someone who is authentically passionate about the brand and can share their enthusiasm with fellow athletes. This will encourage your peers to support the company that you’re representing through sponsorship.

The purpose of a sponsored athlete is to give a “face” to a brand. A sponsored athlete allows businesses to communicate with their target markets in a way that is engaging, and efficient. This information is presented in engaging ways, either at events or through social media or traditional advertising.

If you feel passionate about a brand and think you would represent them well, reach out to them. Share your story and how a brand partnership could benefit them. The worst thing that could happen is that they tell you no. From there, you keep your head high, continue to move forward in your racing journey, and try reaching out to them again in the future.

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