There is no doubt that self-confidence is the cornerstone of all great performances. Triathletes who perform to their full potential on race day are not only well prepared physically and strategically, but they approach the race start with self-confidence. That self-confidence is from knowing that every aspect and every detail of their training was the best it could be.

Self-confidence is like money; every triathlete wishes they had it, but no one really understands how to get it. Until now!

Your self-confidence is one of the greatest assets you can possess as a triathlete and it’s all within your control. You should prepare and train to your full potential and give all you’ve got.  This will build a resilient and strong self-confidence – one that will help you to succeed in anything you do in life – including triathlons!

Here are some suggestions for helping boost your self-confidence as a triathlete:

Set realistic goals
Nothing destroys self-confidence more than setting unrealistic goals and failing to achieve them. The most common goals athletes set are outcome orientated – a particular finish position or time.  These goals are often out of your control; so to boost your confidence, set some process goals that you CAN control like swimming more smoothly, to corner well on the bike to enjoying the scenery on the run.

Diversify who you train with
Pushing yourself is good if you don’t take it too far, but consider finding a training partner that is at a similar development level as you are. It doesn’t help your self-confidence if you are always left behind by triathletes who are faster or stronger than you because they’re better triathletes.  Do some workouts with those who are slightly slower than you, do some workouts with those who are faster than you and, of course, do some workouts with those who are right where you are.

Practice all race scenarios such as transitions
Practice, practice, practice.  Make a list of everything you have to do to help you complete a triathlon successfully.  Have you practiced in open water?  Do you know the order of things you will do when in transition?  (If you need a triathlon checklist, click HERE).  How will you change your day given different weather conditions?  Spend plenty of time to master each skill and race scenario before race day.

Get professional input or coaching
ign for a masters swim class or start training with a triathlon coach. You will receive professional guidance in triathlon techniques – which is one of the most significant factors for boosting self-confidence!

Cheer yourself on
Imagine what would happen to your confidence if your coach shouted: “You are so slow; you might as well quit.”  One of your supporters would never say those negative words to you, so don’t be negative to yourself. During your training, practice your positive self-talk to help you maintain a positive mindset which will carry you through your training and all the way to race day! Be your own cheerleader.

Self-confidence is inevitable if you know you gave it your all at every training session.  It is the natural consequence of a positive attitude.

Looking for more training advice? Contact me to find out how to improve your performance on race day and sign up for a masters swim class.

Train Right, Tri Right!

Coach MJ


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