Goodnight, Chicago Marathoners: a bedtime story


Goodnight shoes, goodnight socks;
Goodnight race bib, goodnight alarm clocks.

Goodnight gels, goodnight salt tab;
Goodnight chews, goodnight hydration lab.

Goodnight aid stations, goodnight race staff;
Goodnight volunteers, goodnight elevation graph. (Of which there is none, I just needed a rhyme.)

Goodnight first responders, goodnight to the L,
Goodnight orange barricades, goodnight PR bell.

Goodnight friends and family, goodnight Chicago sports,
Goodnight porta-potties, goodnight Lake Michigan ports.

Goodnight Grant Park, goodnight charity row,
Goodnight State Street, goodnight race expo.

Goodnight north side, goodnight south side;
Goodnight suburbs, goodnight a park called Hyde.

Goodnight blue line, we will see you soon;
Goodnight marathoners, goodnight moon.


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