Good Life 5k


For the past couple years, I have had friends that have tried to talk me into coming out and running the Good Life 5k in Oak Park. I have gone down to cheer them on before, but for one reason or another, was never able to actually participate.

 This year, I was able to talk myself into running it and it lived up to all the things I have been told.

 There seems to be so much going on at the race. The fact that the men and women race separately, plus the walk, plus the youth mile, plus kids dashes, almost give it a circus-like atmosphere, were anyone in the area needs to “step right up” to see what is going on next. It makes for a very exciting morning for everyone involved.

 The atmosphere makes the course and the competition that much faster. I was always told that it was a fast course and everyone starts out super fast. That is not a lie. I started the first mile about 10 seconds faster than I planned and was still passing people from the half mile all the way to the end. The final straightaway is about 1000 meters in length and downhill so it makes for a very speedy finish.

 After the race, there was so much food that not only was it everywhere I looked, but I am pretty sure that there was even more in places that I didn’t look. A very nice post-race experience that my tummy enjoyed as well.

 My recommendation for anyone that has been on the fence about doing the Good Life 5k and is looking for a fast 5k time, is to consider signing up. The Oak Park Running Club has created a race for people that like to race and an event that adds inspiration for the coming year.

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Jonathan couldn’t run a mile before his sophomore year in high school but went on to run at Hope College. Now, he runs with the Fast Track Racing Team and races in almost 30 races a year, still managing to run some PRs. He couldn’t win a 100 meter sprint if his life depended on it, but still has a pretty good kick at the end of a 10k. He is the Local Advertiser/Sales employee on Chicago Athlete's staff, and also volunteers as an Assistant XC Coach at Elk Grove High School and has done that for the past 11 years.