Top 10 Gift Ideas for Triathletes


Need some gift ideas for triathletes in your life? With Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday sales next weekend, it’s time to start making your lists.

Here are some ideas that we love:

  1. The NormaTec PULSE (starting at $1395) increases circulation, reduces swelling and soothes sore muscles for top notch recovery on your legs. Or reboot, and repeat with Rapid Reboot (starting at $995). These boots allow for intermittent, dynamic compression to help speed up the recovery process.
  2. For the frequent traveler in your life, the Infinite Swim ($149.99) is compact and portable. It fits into a standard carry-on bag and simulates race day conditions right in a hotel swimming pool.
  3. The R8 from Roll Recovery ($119) was designed to break up muscle adhesions, stimulate blood circulation, and reduce inflammation. The R8 has all the deep tissue massage force built into the compact design, so you can sit back and let it do the work.
  4. Safety while on the bike is of utmost importance, so a reflective vest to improve visibility when biking is important. You can go for standard yellow, or add some fun and get a colorful one!
  5. Compression socks. Training for triathlons is hard work and it’s hard on your body, and compression is key for muscle recovery after big brick workouts or races.
  6. The Powerbreather (starting at $109) lets the swimmer achieve maximum performance by breathing 100 percent fresh air in through two tubes and exhaling out the attached mouth piece. Improve stroke technique and efficiency while building endurance and increasing respiratory volume to strengthen the diaphragm and become a stronger swimmer. This innovative gear is a must-have for triathletes trying to take their training to the next level.
  7. Knuckle Lights (starting at $39.99) are a great gift option for anyone who runs outside at this time of year when the sunlight is scarce. They give great coverage of the area in front of you when running.
  8. The Helium H2O Belt ($29.99) is a two-bottle, one size fits all belt. It’s lightweight, comfortable and also has a removable storage pocket for keys, cards, and more. Featuring the signature Helium Hex-Foam air channels to increase breathability in hot conditions, this product keeps runners cool while it’s being worn.
  9. SILCA tire pumps (starting at $125) are the top choice of cyclists, triathletes and pro mechanics worldwide to keep your bike tires in top pressure. SILCA pumps are made of 100 percent metal construction inside and out, and come with a lifetime warranty.
  10. You’re not just showing up dressed in your running attire, you’ve got a bike, cycling shoes, running shoes, swimming accessories, water bottles – there is so much stuff to bring. A triathlon transition bag helps keep everything organized for your race like this one: TYR Alliance transition bag (starts at $38).

We think with these gift ideas for triathletes, your friends (or you) will be ready to start the New Year with some great new training regimens.  If they need help with their triathlete training, have them contact me today!


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