February Clif Bar Athletes of the Month: Tricia Marks and Lee Jarvis


Tricia Marks

“I started running in high school in the early 1980’s, and ran at the University of Iowa in both cross country and track, and have continued to run (on and off) ever since.  My life – work, family, raising two sons, etc – has kept me running all these years both as a stress reliever as well as to just stay in shape.  I love trail runs, and I’ve done so many 5k and 10k’s over the years, I’ve lost count.  I’ve also completed a few triathlons, some duathlons and half marathons, but no plan on a full marathon.  I don’t run the times I used to, but I don’t care; I just enjoy the competition and having fun. I’m currently an assistant cross country and track coach at Fenwick High School, which helps me bring my love for running to younger people.”


5K: 17:32
Half Marathon: 1:27

Lee Jarvis

“I didn’t have much of an athletic background in my youth; I played the occasional game of soccer, but I didn’t run at school or compete in any sports at college. I started running regularly around the age of 28 and signed up for some races just for fun. I spent a few years discovering that I loved being active and outdoors, and when I decided to take athletics more seriously I soon found my competitive side! I trained for Olympic distance triathlons for several years and now have my focus on long-distance running. I’ve been lucky enough to place well at a variety of distances and the last 12 months have seen a decent string of podiums at trail ultras around the Midwest. I’m looking forward to progressing further with my training in 2019 and exploring new trails and adventures!”


5k: 17:31
8k: 29:29
10k: 37:35
15k: 57:52
13.1: 1:19:59
26.2: 2:56:03
50k: 3:36:34

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Holly's running career began in high school; after being bummed about not making the volleyball team her sophomore year, she decided to join some of her middle school friends on the cross country team. She also did track in the fall, where the 1600 m race was her niche. Since then, she has run many distance races, and is going for her first marathon at the 2018 Bank of America Chicago Marathon this October. She graduated from Illinois State University in May 2016 with a degree in journalism, and is working towards her Master in Arts in New Media and Marketing.


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