Elizabeth Boyle & Matthew Jeromin

Elizabeth Boyle
 2011 August Elizabeth Boyle

Elmhurst, Ill. native and former University of Illinois track and cross country standout Elizabeth Boyle was first introduced to the sport by her father when she was just a young girl. “My first love was soccer, but I always liked tagging along with my Dad (or trying to) on his neighborhood runs when I was younger.”

In college, Boyle focused her talents on running, competing and training with her teammates, the result – dropped times and a refined skill. Today, Boyle has a list of personal records that makes veteran runners green with envy. Last year, Boyle ran a 6:34 5K, a 34:28 10K and a 1:17:04 half marathon and has already marked 2011 with a handful of podium finishes. 

“I love the sense of freedom running brings when you set out to conquer the open roads,” she says. “Running allows you to get outside and see the world through a different perspective, it challenges you every day to push yourself to new limits, and the competitive side of racing can be fun and exciting.”

Matthew Jeromin
 2011 August Matthew Jeromin

A runner since middle school, and Chicago resident since 2004, Matthew Jeromin took a break from running in college, but in 2008, came back to the sport to run the Chicago Marathon. “A friend from college challenged me to run the Chicago Marathon,” says Jeromin. “I trained for it based on some weird mixture of what I could remember from college plus some advice from coach Google.com.”  

After successfully completing the Chicago Marathon, Jeromin’s passion for running was reignited. He began training and, in turn, started pulling in impressive finishes including sixth overall at the CARA Lakefront 10, second overall at the Cinco de Miler and, most recently, he grabbed top honors at the CDH Winfield Run.

“The social aspect of running is probably my favorite part of it.  I have met so many great runners in the area and I met some of my best friends on the Saucony Dick Pond Fast Track Team. “