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Although it takes a while to get here, the warm weather is finally hitting the Chicagoland area. This past weekend several hundred runners took to the streets of Chicago for various races, and I did the NorthShore Classic Half Marathon and 5K in Highland Park. For most of us, this was the start of the summer running season in Chicago.

With temperatures nearing the 80 degree mark, the visible back-sweat on the runners preceding me became evident after mile marker one. I knew this meant it was going to be a tough race.

Thankfully I was testing out one of the leading products in sweat catching headwear for athletes, Headsweats. This super cute visor slipped right under my pony tail and kept the sweat from dripping in eyes as I tackled the heat and humidity of the morning.

I reached out to Julie Oldfield, Senior Account Executive at Headsweats, and asked how the material was able to be so effective, and yet so lightweight to wear. “The Headsweats brand has always been about offering the very best in moisture-wicking performance, no matter the sport,” explained Oldfield. “Our proprietary terry sweatband is what sets us apart and it’s included in all our products. That, along with lightweight performance fabric and killer designs, is what makes Headsweats so sought after.”

And killer design is right. The hats, visors and headbands come in a variety of designs, including location-based and holiday-themed collections.

The company was founded in 1998 by a shoe industry veteran and obsessed cyclist, Alan Romick, who was frustrated by the perils of heavy sweat blindness, migrating sunscreen, and odd sunburn pattern on his head through his helmet. Romick developed headgear that not only combats these annoyances, but excels in moisture wicking and lightweight feel, and dominates the triathlon, cycling, running and endurance markets.

“We will be celebrating 20 years in 2018 and we couldn’t be more proud of the brand,” Oldfield said. “We offer three different types of Headsweats proprietary Eventure performance fabric; knit, woven and grid. They all are lightweight, moisture-wicking and comfortable. Our knit fabric is the most porous and conforms perfectly any type head. With our grid fabric, it offers a grid tonal pattern that brings of bit of richness to the design. The woven is our tightest weave and allows for the best coloring when sublimated. Although our basics are built around the knit fabric, we have success with all three on our various products.”

With over 17 different products available in over 140 different colors and styles, Headsweats truly offer a headgear product for everyone’s taste and style. Crafted for all athletes, this product addresses the common struggles associated with a summer endurance training session, while allowing the athlete to stay stylish. And let’s be honest, runners can’t get enough bold, fluorescent, flashy gear!

Headsweats products are easiest to purchase from their website, which features in stock products and allows customers to view the different and complete collections. The products are also carried in retail stores, but the selection is not nearly as great as that which is offered online.

If you try out a product, the company wants to hear what you think. “While we believe in the Headsweats products and feel confident it’s an industry leader, we always love hearing from our customers too,” stated Oldfield. “Seeing photos and getting emails from happy customers keeps us motivated to create the very best!”

You can check out Headsweats at their website –

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Mandi began running in middle school and never stopped. As a high school and college cheerleader, running was the exact athletic counterpart to keep her fitness levels high. While attending The John Marshall Law School in 2007, Mandi ran her first Chicago Marathon, the final year it was partnered with title sponsor, LaSalle Bank. Mandi has continued to run several marathons and half marathons each year. An Illinois licensed attorney, Mandi is currently the Executive Director of the Lake County Municipal League, a council of government representing 42 municipalities in Lake County. An avid weekend race warrior, Mandi tries to run 2-3 races each month from Milwaukee to Chicago and loves the opportunity to report about her experiences in Chicago Athlete


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