Spending money on a triathlon coach may seem excessive for a sport that already has expensive gear and race entry fees; however, if you consider that you’ll likely be training for a minimum of six months and for at least ten to twenty hours per week, that’s a lot of wasted time if you’re not doing things correctly.

Also, if you’re only participating in one or two races a year, you’ll want to have your best possible performance at every race and a coach can help you do that and so much more:

  1. Having a coach helps accelerates the learning curve, helping you to learn good technique and proper triathlon training practices from the beginning.
  2. It saves money. This may seem counter intuitive to save money by spending money, but learning to do something effectively the first time ultimately saves time (and money)!
  3. Having someone set up your training program means that you can be accountable to them; taking the easy road out by doing too little means your coach will be on you making sure you keep your training at a good steady pace.
  4. A coach can help you know what type of training is the right kind of training for you. There is a lot of information out there and a coach can help you sort through the mass amount of information and point you in the right direction for the best type of training.
  5. It may sound crazy, but if you’re a highly motivated person, having a triathlon coach will help hold you back when you do too much. A coach will help you slow down and make sure you take your training at the proper pace.
  6. Having a coach always gives you someone to talk to. When your training isn’t going according to your plan, your coach will be there to help you get through it. They understand every type of situation and will help suggest an appropriate course of action.
  7. Coaches can confirm your research. Triathletes are smart people and usually know a lot and do a lot of research on their own, but having a triathlon coach to confirm that the information you find is correct is not such a bad thing.

Contact me today if you’re looking for a triathlon coach. I can help you learn how to do things correctly the first time and save you both time and money.



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