Divvy to Become More Accessible This Summer


Chicagoans may be seeing a lot more of those blue bikes around this summer.

Divvy, the city bike sharing system, understands how tedious Chicago traffic in the summer can be, so it’s decided to expand its services to make them more accessible, especially during big events, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

The system works like this: users can purchase either an annual pass for $99, or a 24-hour pass for under $10 from any Divvy station. After injecting their key into the slot, they will get unlimited 30-minute trips for the duration of the selected pass. When done using, the bike can be returned to any station.

Divvy crews are constantly monitoring stations to ensure they are neither full nor empty at all times, according to the Divvy website.

“We’re expanding our valet service for summer 2016 because it allows Divvy riders to plan trips to large-scale events with confidence, knowing that they will have a guaranteed drop-off for their Divvy bike when they arrive,” general manager Elliot Greenberger said in press release.

“Our busiest days coincide with citywide events and festivals, and this helps us make Divvy as enjoyable as the destination itself.”

In addition to more stations, Divvy recently released a mobile app to allow more east of access. Through the app, riders can reserve a bike, pay for the rental and find nearby stations. More information regarding the transit app can be found here.

The valet service started in 2014, and currently has 4,750 bikes at 476 stations from Andersonville to Hyde Park. Each station has a touchscreen kiosk, station map and a docking system that releases bikes. Users must be at 16 years or older.