Creators of BOSU Ball Develop New Training Philosophies and Product

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The BOSU Ball has become a standard piece of equipment in gyms thanks to its wide range of applications in training. Earlier this year, the group behind the BOSU Ball, the WeckMethod, released new equipment and styles of training to help athletes reach their highest potential.

The WeckMethod simultaneously announced two training methods, Rotational Movement Training and Non-Dominant Side Training, both of which aim to help you develop overall strength and fitness. Rotational Movement Training specifically looks at the way the body rotates, with a particular focus on what the body does between the navel and knees in rotation. Non-Dominant Side Training, as the name suggests, works on developing strength in your non-dominant side to promote balance.

“From the average Joe to high-level athletes, their dominant side has to overcompensate for deficiencies on the non-dominant side,” Marty Shannon of the WeckMethod says. “If you throw a baseball or try to eat with a fork with your left hand, it becomes awkward. That’s an indicator of how off your non-dominant side is to your dominant side.”

Non-Dominant Side Training doesn’t aim to make your non-dominant side equivalent in strength to your dominant side, but rather increase coordination and strength on your non-dominant side from its current level.

“If your dominant side is 8/10 and your non-dominant side is 4/10, we try to make the non-dominant side a 6/10 or 7/10,” Shannon says. “That gives you a lot more power to express no matter what you’re doing.”

To assist in both of these styles of training, the WeckMethod created the RMT Club, a lightweight club filled with buckshot that allows for a variety of training styles, including skill-specific training, strength training and high intensity training, depending on how you use the club. The WeckMethod’s YouTube channel features a variety of videos demonstrating how to use the club, and if you order a club for yourself, it comes with dozens of exercise suggestions from a wall chart, exercise DVD and access to the WeckMethod’s online video database.

Shannon recommends using Rotational Movement Training daily and Non-Dominant Side Training at least three days a week. To learn more, visit