Chicago’s Second Running Gym Opens This Month

Unique Goose Island studio to offer fun, inclusive group treadmill classes


Runn Chicago, the city’s second-ever running gym, opens in August, following the opening of Chicago’s first running gym, Runner’s High Studio by just a month. Both classes offer unique group treadmill classes to runners – and aspiring runners – of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels.

Keith Kimble, Runn Chicago’s founder and a longtime trainer, came up with the idea for the gym as he was leaving a Spin class he’d just taught: Why not create the same fun, high-energy experience set to music, but on treadmills instead of bikes?

Two years later, Runn Chicago is a reality, with 3,600 square feet of workout and stretching space and four trainers, including Kimble. The gym will offer 5- or 10-class passes for its 45-minute sessions.

The gym shares a footprint with CrossFit Chicago along the up-and-coming Elston Corridor. Kimble has commissioned a graffiti artist to cover the walls, giving the space a raw, industrial feel that reflects the area’s heritage.

Kimble wants his gym to be a place where all people feel comfortable working out.

“My motto is: Start where you are, not where you want to be,” Kimble says. “Everybody can show up, regardless of fitness level, and feel great about being there. I’m excited to build a community of people who want to have fun and get healthy.”

Runn Chicago, 1448 W. Willow St., launches with events and free classes the week of Aug. 27. For more information about the gym, visit and be sure to sign up for the newsletter to stay informed about current events. You can also join the community on Facebook at


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