Chicago, Aurora Bike Lanes Named ‘Best Of 2016’

MDA Team Momentum

PeopleForBikes recently recognized two protected bike lanes in Illinois in the top five best bike lanes in the country.

Ranked second in the country is on Randolph Street in Downtown Chicago; the lane crosses existing bikeways on Canal and Dearborn, and links Dearborn to Clinton.

“Randolph will get even better this spring when an extended buffered lane on Washington, one block south, creates an east-west couplet — enough for us to forgive Randolph’s unfortunate one-block detour onto the sidewalk,” the report says.

The River Street bike lane in Aurora was ranked fourth on the list for its one-mile curb-protected bike lane that links the Fox River Trail to the center of the city, which was a gap in the 60-mile bike trail prior.

The lane is painted green and has several bike-only signs to keep riders safe.

“We are very pleased at the recognition afforded to the City of Aurora for our ongoing efforts in developing a bike-friendly community,” Mayor Robert J. O’Connor said in a press release. “As our city looks to the future, we will continue research, propose and implement new ways to build our cycling infrastructure, which in turn, bring great returns in the health and the quality of life for our residents.”

PeopleForBikes worked with experts to review the country’s newest bike lanes, with an extra emphasis on those that helped to connect bike grids in their respective communities.

Other cities in the top five include New York City, Tallahassee and Seattle.

“If 2013 was the year protected bike lanes went national, 2014 was the year they got beautiful and 2015 was the year they got durable, 2016 has been the year they did something even more valuable. They started to connect,” PeopleForBikes says.

Recently, Chicago was ranked as the number one Bike Friendly City in America. The League of American Bicyclists also recognized the City of Aurora and its efforts to become friendlier to cyclists with the Bicycle-Friendly Community Bronze designation.


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