CAC Opens New Bucktown Location


Chicago Athletic Clubs opened their newest branch last week in the city’s northwest side neighborhood of Bucktown. The latest addition is a two story building just off the corner of North Ave. and Milwaukee along the Blue Line “L” tracks at 2040 W. North Ave.

This is the seventh CAC to open up and the sixth in the city. The club has been in the works for over a year now but after the final touches were put on last Wednesday, they opened their doors to the public. Before their official opening the new club invited people in the area to come check out a few of their new classes. WERQ, one of Bucktowns’ classes, is available for the first time in a CAC club and only at the new location.

Additionally the new club features designs that haven’t been seen at any other CAC club before. The spin room is has stadium levels with the instructor at the lowest end up front with music and dance lights going through the class. The special design is meant to give an upbeat feel and party atmosphere to the spin room specifically for their Live DJ Spin Class which they will bring over from the Wicker Park location.

They gym is laid out with the intention of utilizing space for all aspects of the fitness community. The lower, street level front entrance has two studios. One studio is intended for yoga classes while the other will be focusing on group fitness classes. The top level holds all of the brand new equipment and the spin studio. Similar to some of their other clubs, many of the treadmills and endurance machines are up against the glass looking out over the street. There is also a space near the spin studio that is open for in house trainers to use with clients.

The Bucktown location is in the middle of the growing neighborhood. While there are a number of other gyms in the area, Bucktown Group Fitness Manager Mandee Miller and Director of Fitness Sarah Rule said the new CAC club is far more encompassing than the other gyms. The Bucktown location brings in some of the best features of all of the clubs giving members the opportunity to experience a number of different forms of fitness. Current members of other CAC gyms will be able to check out the new location on Thursdays when the CAC hosts their open house days where members of any of their gyms can check out one of the other locations. For more information on the Bucktown Athletic Club, or any CAC gym, click here.