BondiBand: Soft Fabric, Sweat-Wicking, & Stylish


BondiBand is the original “no-slip, no-drip” headband and a staple in many runner’s gear collections. Loved by all genders and ages, this headband is made from the softest material that truly grips to stay put during workouts.

Their latest collection is fall-themed and features bright designs of leaves, sunflowers, and pumpkin-spiced charm. Your turkey trot may be virtual this year, but these bands will keep your style in check. You can check out all of their latest styles here.

The BondiBand company has always been focused on producing high quality bands for athletes. As an innovator in the field, BondiBand recently launched a button headband for facial masks to hook into. They even have matching mask/BondiBand sets. The masks feature a dry-tech, moisture wicking fabric that fits snugly and is non-chaffing. It is machine washable and can be used to cover and extend the life of N95 masks, for those that have to wear the higher-level mask.

These bands are made in the USA by stay-at-home moms and the company donates 10% of all profits to the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, Massachusetts. Check out the fun designs to sport this fall and learn about this amazing company.

Use code Chicago25 for 25% off now! This excludes custom and DYO, and sale. Expiration 1/31/21.


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