Blaine Reed & Kirsten Hock

Blaine Reed
 2012 March Blaine Reed
Blaine Reed has been competing in triathlons for the last ten years.  Most recently, he successfully completed the Ironman Wisconsin in Madison – a feat of endurance and incredible training.  To craft a successful training regiment, Reed began taking part in events outside of triathlon.  His friends convinced him to start riding in cyclocross  events to help him improve his cycling skills.  Since then, the Naperville native has enjoyed his cyclocross success so much that once the triathlon season is over in September, he transitions straight into Chicago Cyclocross Cup Events
Also, in late January, he competed in the Frozen Zucchini 5K.  Reed used the difficult weather and rough terrain as an early introduction to the running season, finishing first in his age group and fourth overall.
This upcoming season, Reed plans on taking a break from Ironman events and focusing instead on half-Ironman.  After races in Austin Texas and Wisconsin, he will prepare to once again race Cyclocross Cup events.
Kirsten Hock
 2012 March Kirsten Hock
Kirsten Hock has been active and athletic her entire life.  After finishing her basketball career at St. Francis College, she was looking for a new sport.  Hock found what she was looking for in multisport events.  Already familiar running hills and trails, she found early success in the Lake Geneva Super Sprint Triathlon, placing in her first triathlon attempt.  Hock became so successful in the sport that by 2005, she was placing in championship events in both triathlon and duathlon.
Like many athletes, family always took precedent for Hock.  After getting married and having two children, Hock says it was difficult to get involved in the sports she loved.  However, with the help of her family, and the all0important babysitter, she was able to get back into training and competition.  Last year, Hock was the first woman to cross the finish line in both the Bullfrog Challenge and Dash Into New Year events.
With the dawning of a new season, Hock, a Palos Park resident, plans on competing with her husband and friends in multiple half Ironman events in 2012.  She also expects to run the Boston Marathon in April.