Betty Designs: Badass is Beautiful


With a tag line like that, this clothing line better be one that delivers. And, I assure you it is. Have you heard of Betty Designs? If not, you should check them out as you begin to evaluate your spring racing wear.

Betty Designs has traditionally been a fashionable “go-to” for triathletes, but guess what, they also have running gear so we can join in the fun badass-ery that Betty Designs provides. Founded by Kristin Mayer, who is self defined as a “mom. designer. athlete. addicted to staying fit.”, she has truly put herself into this brand. The styles are incredibly unique and identifiable with a skull and butterfly design.

“The skull + butterfly logo has its roots in triathlon. Back in my racing days, I would superstitiously wear a skull necklace around motivate myself to “toughen up” during a race. To me, there is nothing more fun than seeing a woman kick ass on a race course and then be able to go home, clean up, and be a lady. It is the belief that women can be both strong + beautiful that motivates me. Racing with the boys while looking like a girl is the heart + soul of the brand. It’s an attitude for women endurance athletes. The premise was to create something unlike anything else on market. My goal is to empower women to look good, feel good, and go out there and kick ass.” – Kristin Mayer (Betty Designs Website)

This strong-beautiful combo weaves itself throughout the entire Betty Design collection.

Beyond the unique, thoughtful design of each piece, this gear is highly efficient to run in. I had the opportunity to try out this mesh tank, which was incredibly light and breathable. The mesh material allowed the air to pass through and kept my body cool and dry and as I packed in the miles. It stayed just where it should, never chafing under the arm, despite the rising heat and sweat levels.

Designed by an athlete herself, it is not surprising that the gear goes beyond being snazzy to pure performance. This Betty Designs Luxe Black Sports Bra delivers in support and  UPF50+ protection. The soft material is tight enough to prevent bounce-age, but also breathable. The BettyStyle™ RaceFlow™ luxe lite fabric has a hint of shimmer (bling) and quick dry technology for the sweatiest of days. I was impressed that I did not experience any under the boob chafing, which is a real problem for me in many sports bras. I generally have to layer a lubricant under my sportsbra to avoid this, but didn’t have any issues with the Betty Designs sports bra.

The Luxe Onyx Sprint Run Short is fun and flattering. It holds you in and helps you to push forward, while not riding up. Too often, I end up yanking my shorts down mid-run. This was not a problem in these shorts. They stayed put and helped me to push further. “Flattering yoga waistband, 5 inch inseam + non-binding leg finish mean no muffin top or sausage legs.” (Betty Designs Website.) They are constructed of quick-drying fabric, which runners always appreciate.

I was highly impressed with Betty Designs products. This brand provided me with the comfort and efficiency of high level race gear, but it also put me in the right mindset to tackle hard things. Just slipping on the Badass + Beautiful tank top filled me with the courage for hill repeats and stayed with me throughout my workout. As runners, we know the power of the mind, and Betty Designs helped me to push my pace and go further than I had planned. The best way for me to describe Betty Designs is by saying it is an incredibly thoughtful brand – You can tell that the designer thought about each and every aspect of the piece and crafted a style that not only performs well under pressure, but promotes a healthy, strong, badass piece of mind.


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