Bear Mattresses Target Athlete Muscle Recovery


Sleep is important for everyone, but especially important for runners seeking to speed up recovery and lessen muscle fatigue. After enduring long training sessions, there is really nothing better than a good night’s sleep.

As I began to research sleep products that would be helpful for our Chicago runners, one product line kept popping up in my search, Bear Mattress. I began looking through their website and realized that they offered a wide product line including six different sizes of mattresses, pillows and mattress protectors. The mattresses seemed to be a high quality American made product, with proven scientific sleep and cooling technology, at a low cost. Ever the marketplace skeptic, I reached out to Bear Mattress to see what all of the rave was about.

Bear Mattress is entirely online, allowing customers to shop and ship from the comfort of their homes. While this may be daunting with such a large purchase, Bear offers full refunds on their mattress purchases if their customers are unhappy.

“Although it does not happen often,” explains Scott Palidini, CEO and Founder of Bear Mattress, “if a customer is unhappy with our product, we will find a charity local to the customer and donate the mattress.”

This charitable spirit runs through the entire Bear company, as 1 percent of all purchases are donated to Good Sports, an organization that gives all kids the lifelong benefits of sport and physical activity by providing new equipment, apparel and footwear to those most in need. Good Sports hosts an annual “Legends of the Ball” fundraiser in Chicago, partnering with Comcast SportsNet Chicago.

An athlete himself with a family history in the mattress industry, Palidini took great care crafting a mattress specifically for people that lead an active lifestyle. “I wanted to focus on a market that I believed could benefit from a high quality product at a low price,” Palidini said. “The Bear Mattress is able to enhance sleep quality by providing cooler sleeping, spinal alinement and pressure relief. The mattress utilizes a technology to enhance and improve muscle recovery.”

A graphite gel and response foam at the top of the mattress combine to help with spinal alignment and pressure point relief. “Additional layers within the mattress ensure that you do not disturb your sleeping partner if you move or get out of bed,” Palidini explained.

This eco-friendly mattress is American made and preferred by countless athletes who have all positively reviewed the product on the Bear website. Earning 633 five star reviews, this mattress is no joke.

I tried out a Bear Pillow and instantly noticed how cool the temperature of the pillow was on my head and neck. The temperature stayed low throughout the entire night, helping to keep me cool. Additionally, the graphite gel and memory foam kept my neck in line with my spine and ensure that I did not wake up with a kink in my neck or shoulders. I am overly impressed with this product and will definitely try out a Bear mattress.

Bear is making it easy for Chicago Athlete readers to try out their products as well giving our community $50 off the purchase of any mattress with code CHICAGOATHLETE. Check out their website now




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